Sunday, April 1, 2012

Health Kick

So, I've been on a health kick lately. Gareth and I are sick of being tired and sluggish and lazy. I made up my mind after the first of the year that I want to get healthy-- not especially to lose weight or look good in a bikini, but to be able to be active with my kids. My specific goal is to hike on our favorite trail at Mt. Rainier this summer-- a 7 mile, hilly, high-altitude trail. I'm sure that with repetetive exercise and healthier eating I can do it.

So anyway, we did join the YMCA-- we go about 5 times a week-- but sometimes I like to exercise at home. Have you looked at workout clothes/equipment at retail stores lately? Wowza, is it expensive! Who wants to spend 30 plus dollars on a sports bra? I've also noticed that hand weights and other supplies are really expensive. So naturally, I knew where I had to look-- the thrift store! I had some light hand weights in the closet but I really wanted some heavier ones-- they are going for about $10 a piece at Target. At Goodwill, they were $1.99 each. I didn't need one, but I saw a new-in-the-box yoga mat for 4.99. Kettleballs, resistance bands, and roller blades were also in the sporting goods section. Most of the equipment is like new-- most likely at this time of year because people make new year's resolutions and then don't follow through, and around March-April it ends up at the thrift store!

Workout clothes can also be found in abundance at the thrift store. You have to be pretty picky in your scavenging, because no one wants sweat-stained or stretched out workout clothes. But, much like the equipment situation, many people give away new or barely used workout clothes. You know those newer trendy yoga clothes made by Lucy or Lululemon? I found a new-with-tags Lucy yoga top-- which stated that it was MARKED DOWN to 39.99 at the retail store-- for 4.50. Score! I've also found new sports bras by Nike and Athletica for 2.99 each.

To be honest, I never browsed the sporting goods or athletic wear sections at the thrift store before 2012. But now, with every visit to the YMCA or run around my neighborhood, I am glad that I finally did!