Monday, March 12, 2012

Goodwill Outlet

Last week, I ventured to one of my regular places-- the Seattle Goodwill Outlet. I almost wrote "favorite" instead of "regular", but let's be honest-- it's not one of my favorite places. It smells funny, there is a possibility of touching really gross things, and those that hang out there can be creepy sometimes. But oh, the payoff that comes with the ick factor! They charge by the pound for clothing and textiles-- $1.49 to be exact. Books are 10 cents each, and shoes are $1.99 a pound. Check out what I found on my last visit...

A "See By Chloe" silk dress! Too bad I'm not a UW graduate-- the colors would be perfect. When I looked on the Nordstrom website, I saw that these retail for between $200 and $400. Wow!  Here are a few other things I found:

A lovely floral Ann Taylor dress-- will be perfect this spring with a cardigan and cute flats!

A brand new with tags Gap sweater for Gareth

A cashmere blend sweater from Banana Republic--also for Gareth

Here's Gareth modeling the Banana Republic cashmere-blend scarf I found for him

I spent a grand total of 20 dollars and some odd cents. And that doesn't only include what is pictured above-- it includes what is pictured below as well.

In that pile are a number of cute skirts and tops, some exercise wear, a pirate hat, and a Jelly Cat for Georgia.

If you are feeling brave-- and up to the challenge that is the Goodwill Outlet-- I encourage you to look online and see if your city has one. You never know what thrifty treasures you may find!

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