Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thrift Store Tips for the BOOK section

As promised, I am beginning my series of highlighting different sections of the thrift store and giving tips specific to that section or department. I will begin with the book department-- one of my favorites! If I have the kids with me, they are occupied with hunting through the kids' books while I wander over to the adult fiction.

I love to read--for the past 9 years, I've slacked off on reading because being a mommy to little kids was exhausting and I couldn't read more than 2 pages before falling asleep! Now that they are a bit older, I've rediscovered my love of the written word, and it is so much fun to research different books and authors to see what I've been missing. Barnes and Noble and Borders send me recommended reading lists, and I also discover interesting books on Pinterest. However, $10-$14 for one book is not in my budget, so I make a list of authors and books that I'd like to read and look for them at the thrift stores, where trade paperbacks are $1.99 each. Many people think that only old books are to be found at thrift stores, but that's not the case at all. Avid readers go through newer books very quickly and donate them soon after. I recently found Water for Elephants, The Help, and The Hunger Games at the local Goodwill and paid a total of 6 bucks for all 3, when I easily could have spent $30 at the bookstore for the same 3 books.

So, that is tip #1 for books...

--Make a list of popular books or authors and search for them at the thrift store. Most thrift shops alphabetize books and sort them by genre, which will simplify your search.

More tips...

--Books make great gifts! If a book is in good condition, one can't tell if it was purchased new at the book store or used at a thrift shop.
--Look for coffee table books. They can be very expensive at the book stores-- very interesting coffee table books can be found at thrift shops for reasonable prices. Gareth (my hubby) recently found a huge bright orange hardback coffee table book about Neland Stadium, home of the Tennessee Volunteers. Yipee for me. (SARCASM)
--Interested in sewing? Adopting a new pet? Need an instruction book for your new iphone? Many how-to, craft, hobby, and reference sections are jammed full at the thrift store.
--Encourage your kids to grow their personal libraries! I never mind buying my kids a book or two at the thrift shop-- they are usually between 50 cents and a dollar each, and the stores frequently have specials where you can buy 4 and get 1 free. I love seeing my kids eagerly searching the shelves for that latest Magic Tree House book they haven't yet read, or finding an undiscovered series they think they'd enjoy.

Aren't you in the mood to pick up a few new-to-you books? I really am... time to spend a few bucks, have some new reading material, and get cozy on the couch for an evening of reading!

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