Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kitchen Kitsch

I adore vintage kitchen style from the 1950's. The combo of colors like red and minty green-- the appliances-- the formica diner style tables-- I love it all.  We have a very tiny kitchen in our very tiny house, so I try to find retro kitchen touches that don't take up much room. Below are my recent finds from the Burien Goodwill.

The perfect size for a steaming cup of soup

Love these diner coffee cups

Found this on half-off day for $2.50-- now I just have to find the matching metal milkshape cups.

Vintage pie cover! The lady who rang me up said, "I like this lampshade you found."

My little friend who sits above the kitchen sink. Opens up to hold toothpicks or what not.

I am running out of counter space for my kitschy kitchen finds!

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